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Clients / Partners

Detroit Area Agency on Aging (DAAA)

Metro Solutions provides Fiscal Intermediary services for the Project CHOICE & MI Choice programs with the Detroit Area Agency on Aging. In this role, Metro Solutions establishes clients in the Self-Determination program as an employer, so that they can pay the caregiver of their choosing for providing in-home services to the client. Metro Solutions also assists Detroit Area Agency on Aging with recruiting and retaining qualified candidates for nursing and social work positions by conducting outreach and connecting with and identifying interested candidates for Care Management positions.

Detroit Medical Center, Henry Ford Health System, Oakwood Health System, and St. John Health

Metro coordinated a variety of programs and a system of contractors designed to ensure access to reasonably-priced medical, dental and pharmacy care and:

  • Encourage the use of relatively low cost ambulatory care services and reduce the use of unnecessary emergency room and inpatient facilities.
  • Expand the availability of services that help maintain health and reduce care needed.
  • Provide access to outpatient services and encourage individuals to seek health care during the early stages of an illness, which may reduce the services required and the length of hospital stays associated with that illness.
  • Contract with and make payments to providers who provide covered health care services.

Health Choice of Michigan

Metro Solutions collaborated and delivered a three share program for low-income uninsured employees (and their eligible dependents) of businesses located in Wayne County, Michigan. The insurance plan covered supplemental health care services and dental services to uninsured low-income workers, a senior prescription card to uninsured seniors residing in Wayne County, a young adult program for individuals less than thirty (30) years of age, and a temporary worker health care program.

Health Management Systems of America

Metro Solutions is working with HMSA to identify potential funding opportunities that align with the areas of expertise of both organizations. Current plans include collaboration to offer trainings for professionals in health care and in child care.

Institute for Population Health

Metro Solutions was the fiscal intermediary of IPH’s February 2013 Open House/ Reception, administering the fiscal operations which included, but were not limited to, receipt and management of event funds, making payments, accounting for expenditures, budget management, disbursing funds from appropriate budget categories, producing periodic accounting reports and financials; and submission of transaction reports to IPH on a monthly basis (regardless of activity level or lack thereof).

Muskegon Community Health Project

Metro Solutions provided preparation, development and facilitation of Strategic Planning Sessions with its project collaborators.

ProCare Plus, Inc.

Metro Solutions provided expertise & consulting services with respect to the delivery of health care services for multicultural and low-income populations which included but not limited to the following:

  • Advice and consultation with respect to policies and procedures to address the unique needs of the multicultural and low income members,
  • Training for employees and contracted providers to improve communications and meet the unique needs of the multicultural members,
  • Advice and consultation with respect to marketing plans and activities that focus on increasing membership from multicultural and low income populations,
  • Advice and consultation with respect to member services programs that focus on retaining multicultural and low income members,
  • Advice and consultation with respect to expansion of provider network to include additional hospitals and other providers in service area, including providers of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Operational and strategic advice and consultation regarding compliance with Health Care Program requirements and responses to requests for proposals.
  • Coordinate with consultants and advisors to set achievable goals, determine priorities and implement appropriate plans of actions for effectively and efficiently managing health care services for members.

Wayne County Four Star Health

Metro Solutions was contracted to design, organize, manage and administer an effective system of quality coordinated health care in a manner which decreases the cost of hospital and other health care services to the community at large for persons otherwise unable to pay for such care. This included ensuring the organizational and operational capacity and ability to provide administrative support, arrange for insurance coverage and coordinate the delivery of health care services to low-income workers, students and their eligible dependents within Wayne County.

Wayne County Department of Public Health

Metro Solutions partnered to coordinate and provide basic health care benefits and/or services to uninsured, low-income, indigent, medically needy and/or financially needy residents of Wayne County, Michigan and to promote health education and prevention programs. This included collaboration on ways to expand primary, prevention, education, and health services to Wayne County Women, Infant and Children (WIC) clients, provide case management to pregnant mothers in the Wayne Babies program and parental assistance in the Operation Safe Sleep Infant program.

Program List:
  • Immunizations
  • STD
  • Medicaid Outreach and support
  • WIC
  • Early On
  • Children’s Special Health Care Services
  • Child Lead poisoning prevention
  • Lead Testing
  • Wayne Babies/Healthy Families of America
  • TB/respiratory diseases
  • Communicable Diseases
  • HIV Prevention/AIDS Counseling and Testing
  • Living Healthy Program
  • Hearing and Vision
  • Summer Food program
  • Smoking Reduction program

Wayne Children's Healthcare Access Program

Metro Solutions serves as the Fiscal Intermediary of funds for WayneCHAP’s programs and managed care operations to improve delivery of health care benefits and/or services to Medicaid members in Wayne County, Michigan and in other geographic regions of the State. Managed care functions included member outreach, member education and other member services, provider network development and management, quality management, utilization management and claims processing.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Metro Solutions was awarded a $425,000 multi-year grant in July 2014 to create a model for "First Food Friendly" community environments for mothers and infants by targeting local agencies, organizations, establishments and residents for multipronged coordinated strategies to promote and encourage breastfeeding. (see press release)

Metro Solutions also recognizes the contribution, support, and collaboration of the following partners:
  • Allen C. Young and Associates
  • Allen Brothers, PLLC
  • Health Management Associates
  • Interfaith Health and Hope Coalition
  • Michigan Consumers for Healthcare
  • Michigan Minority Health Council
  • Michigan Non-Profit Association
  • Michigan Primary Care Association
  • Peoplemovers

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