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What We Do

  • Fiscal intermediary services (click here to learn more)
  • Prospect research
  • Project planning
  • Trainings in the fields of health, education, or human services
  • Project management
  • Management of mini-grants or subsidies on behalf of donors/clients
  • Fund development consultation
  • Grant writing
  • Multiculturalism and diversity education
  • Accounting
  • Grant administration
  • Coalition building

I am a funder. How can I partner with Metro Solutions?

Consider using Metro Solutions as an extension of your organization to provide support to your grantees or to assist in the disbursement of your funds. If you have grantees that could benefit from trainings on coalition building or grants management, consider contracting with Metro Solutions to provide these services on a cohort basis or individually. Metro Solutions' third party status means that we have an extensive network of partners and we keep a pulse on what is going on in the community while not being constrained by a specific mission. Metro Solutions can assist in the identification and mentoring of potential grantees and distribution and monitoring of grants. 

I am a non-profit organization, but don't have a large staff. How can Metro Solutions help me?

Contract with Metro Solutions! Metro Solutions can provide consultation on fund development, connect you with people that might serve as great partners, and write grants on your behalf on a fee for service or hourly rate. If you don't have a financial background, consider using Metro Solutions as a fiscal agent, fiduciary or fiscal intermediary on a grant you are applying for. Metro Solutions will handle your books so you can focus on your mission. Click here to see how 482Forward used Metro Solutions to grow and build capacity from a budding coalition to an established organization!

I have a great idea to address a social issue, but I am not a non-profit organization. What can Metro Solutions do for me?

As a non-profit, Metro Solutions can be a grantee and therefore the direct recipient of philanthropic dollars. That means that Metro Solutions can provide the administrative and financial oversight and work with the funder and program team to ensure that all of the grant objectives are met. Metro's role can be tailored to the needs of the program team and the requirements of the funder and our team's involvement can taper during the grant term as the program team builds its capacity. Check out how we worked on the First Food Friendly project as an example of how we partnered with an organization to encourage breastfeeding through a unique employment program in Detroit and Philadelphia!


18000 W. Nine Mile Rd.

Suite 360

Southfield, MI 48075
313 963-8383

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